5 essential benefits of outdoor learning for teenagers

5 essential benefits of outdoor learning for teenagers


“We are aware of the fact that educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

We know that education is all about the overall development of a child and this is rightly proved when a child goes through the process of outdoor learning.

Have you ever gone on a trip outside the school or taken part in co-curricular activities for a change from book or pen?  If yes, then we hope you must have had a perfect time!

Outdoor learning experiences offer a lot of benefits. By committing to learning both inside and outside the classroom, schools can teach children about the importance of outdoor-learning at certain times. In this way, they will understand the meaning of learning, often assuming what occurs outside from just the four walls of a classroom, a book or a pen in the hand.

So, there always need to be a balance between both indoors and outdoors to develop the mind, body, and soul.

Benefits of outdoor learning!

Not only is outdoor learning a great place to express the inner hidden talents but also it makes a child healthier and happier. Also, it helps them to do better academically. So, there are various benefits which will make a child have a better future.

1.Better health!

Every part of our body needs to be energized and outdoor activity does help in that, thus leading to better health for the students.

 Studies have always shown that outdoor learning can become a crucial factor in improving a child’s weight and height. It also helps the learners to be in natural surroundings for a better physiological or psychological growth.

2.Increased Motivation!

Kids of every age must move around or indulge themselves in some kind of activity all the time. Sufficient amount of physical activities freshen the mind and body of a child.

They stay happy, motivated, and relaxed while doing indoor activities too! They can focus better on the task as outdoor playing helps in regulating emotions, making plans and solving problems.

3.Improved memory and imagination!

After spending time in a fixed environment or a closed room for hours create a fixed pattern. Also, it sometimes makes the mind unable to think.

At that moment, moving or playing outdoors can open up the mind and result in making better connections to learning and improve the power of recall and retention.

4.Better Overall Behavior And Reduced Stress Levels!

Children and young adults are continually growing, changing, evolving, and having to deal with many things at a time. Outdoor education allows the child to build essential life skills.

While a child is playing a sport or game, failing or inability to do a task it teaches one to understand the cause and also helps to try again. Also, support and cooperation from friends or teachers can reduce anxiety and stress.

So, different ICSE schools must have outdoor learning in Siliguri to make it an essential part of every day which will focus on the mind, body, and soul of the children.

5.Enhanced communication and socio-emotional skills!

Outdoor learning leads to collaboration and team-building tasks.  A child taking part in a game or any activity, children learn to communicate with each other, problem solving and building healthy relationships.

It also gives a child space to explore, discover, and think freely, thus reducing barriers to communicate and make friends.

To lead to a healthy lifestyle, spending quality time outdoors in the form of a sport or game is very important. Instilling the value of it in the early years of life at school days will surely lay an excellent foundation for a brighter tomorrow!

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