7 Crucial Examination Tips That Will Help You Score Higher

7 Crucial Examination Tips That Will Help You Score Higher


“Striving for success in future without hard work is just like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.”

We all know that examinations play a very significant role in everyone’s lives. They not only review our knowledge but also help us to realize where we stand in studies among our peers. Board exams act as a stepping stone for our better as well as a bright future. Apart from this, we live in a society where everyone wants a job with the highest salary instead of following their passion. ICSE schools in Siliguri encourages students to improve their marks by helping them in every aspect.

Important Tips to Score higher marks in Exams!!

Do you generally want to improve your grades? There are a number of tricks which can significantly improve your chances of scoring high on a test in the schools of Siliguri, such as-

1. Solve Previous Year Question Papers!!

Solve at least the previous 10 years’ question papers and try to answer as much as you can in less time. This will help you not only in the revision of the concepts you have studied but also preparing those concepts better that are usually asked time and again.

2. Compete with Yourself!!

Keep a clear and brief record of your marks in all the previous tests to check how much improvement you need in which subject. Remember each paper carries equal weight-age and you have to study all subjects. Give mock tests to compete with yourself each time.

3. Don’t Wander Out of Syllabus!!

It’s very good to study reference books for enhancing your knowledge throughout the year. But, it is advisable to only concentrate on those books listed in your syllabus before your exam days.

4. Identify Your Strength & Weaknesses!!

Give yourself enough time to measure the level of your strength as well as weakness. Your strengths are such things that you can use to push yourself further for your improvement. In order to attain higher marks, you need to work on your weakness so that they don’t propose a trouble in the future.

5. Manage Your Time Efficiently!!

The 2-3 months before the exam, try to minimize distractions and keep your priorities straight. Instead of wasting time playing video games or chilling out with friends, use this on studying. According to research, 87% of students perform well in the class when they follow a strict timetable.

6. Go For A Group Study!!

Studying in a group can help you to tackle difficult areas that you may find during the study in alone. It will help you a lot and will be easy for you to discuss the topic with your friends, who can help you to fix the problem areas.

7. Don’t Miss the Classes!!

It is the most important tips that you should keep in your mind if you want to the get high score in exams. You should miss the classes in your school. Teachers convey a information regarding any topic in the classes, which not only help you to score high but also boost your knowledge. There is a wide range of best ICSE schools in Siliguri that helps their student to score high in exams.

‘There are no proper secrets for a successful future. It is the ultimate result of preparation and hard work learning from failure.’

Get High Score For Yourself, Not For Others!!

Do not get panic; push yourself harder to make sure that you are poised to face the final board examination. Just believe in yourself as there is still enough time to improve your performance as well as score better marks. Moreover, good marks obtained in an examination act as a basis for selecting your preferred stream for specialization and help you decide what you want to study in college.

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