A Closer Look at Boys Boarding Schools in Siliguri

A Closer Look at Boys Boarding Schools in Siliguri


For many parents, the idea of dropping your child at a boarding school is a difficult task. No parents have an easy time being away from kids However, if you are working then sending your child to a boarding school seems to be the right choice.

So, if boarding school is something your family is choosing then you are at the right place to choose one of the best boarding schools in Siliguri!

Is boarding school right for your child?

Honestly, it is yes. However, you will not know about it better until you explore the idea behind it. So, let’s start exploring!

Why choose?

There are many reasons to go to a boarding school. The academics, the athletics, and the extra-curricular activities are just a few of them. There are more to it!

Reasons to go…

  • Teachers passionate about teaching
  • Get to live away from home
  • High academic standards
  • Make a good bonding with school mates
  • Learn to be self-responsible
  • Get a lot of attention

Activities beyond Academics!!

Keeping in mind about the betterment of the studies the boarding schools in Siliguri also focuses on some other activities to keep the child active in every field.

Activities beyond Academics

Extending an opportunity of availing quality education for an all-round development for the inspired students, the boarding schools will be the ideal option for parents.

Choose the best boarding school in Siliguri for your child & help him/her to grow up in a disciplined way.

  • Sports
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Expeditions and Study Tours
  • Youth Movement and Leadership training
  • Scouts and Guides
  • Clubs and Hobbies
  • A good campus
  • A good campus
  • Digital information of the students
  • Spacious and Smart classrooms
  • A huge auditorium
  • Well-built infirmary
  • Well-equipped laboratories
  • Library with many books
  • Cafeteria with proper service
  • Well-designed dormitories
  • Dedicated art gallery
  • Air-conditioned transport facility
  • The clean and air-conditioned dining hall

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