An Insight into the Workspace of the Schools in Darjeeling

An Insight into the Workspace of the Schools in Darjeeling


To board, or not to board? Preparing to send your child to a boarding school comes with mixed emotions. Your head might say it can give your child a better education, but separation from your child can be a stressful experience. However, involving your child in this decision is also very important. Let know about the boarding schools in Darjeeling.

When it comes to choosing the right boarding school for your child, there are a few things that come into consideration. Though every school is not right, some steps can be followed to select the best school.

Choosing the right school for your child

These steps will surely help your child to fit in the right school and flourish soon.

  • Research about the school
  • Know about the boarding community
  • Visit the school
  • Learn about the fee structure
  • Know about the teacher’s care

Benefits of studying in boarding school

Sending a child to boarding school is not an easy decision for parents. However, the benefits will change your child in a way that will be advantageous in the long run of life.

  • Living independently
  • Keep track of the priorities of the school
  • Learning life lessons
  • Facilitate the essence of learning

Looking for the facilities? Here we provide you…

A school reflects many of the priorities and values of the child as well as the teachers. Even the facilities need to be good enough to let the child get an interest to visit the school for studying.



To maintain a good and ideal studying environment, the classrooms must be spacious, airy and well-lit. Also to keep pace with the world’s advanced technology “Smart Class” technology is included to transform the way of teaching.




The laboratory is always a relevant and essential part for Science and Computer. With well-equipped and separate classrooms a child can attend practical classes. This will help them to carry out learning experiments independently.





Playing a significant role in the education of a child, a school library reflects the educational purpose of the school. It supports the curriculum, by providing love for reading in a child. It also helps in the child’s overall school experience.



With separate hostel campuses for boys and girls, the hotel is the core of a boarding school. It is the place where the teachers, as well as the students, create great memories. These hostels have spacious rooms with lockers to keep a child’s belongings.

With these facilities schools in Darjeeling do become an ideal place for a child to study and have a wonderful future in education.

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