Benefits of Outdoor Education in Schools Curriculum

Benefits of Outdoor Education in School’s Curriculum


Research has shown that healthier and happier children do better in school, and that education is an important part of the future. But education is not just about studying within the four walls of a classroom. The outdoor environment skills such as problem-solving and managing are an important part of a child’s development.

Impact of Outdoor Education Upon Students

But opportunities for kids outside the classroom are decreasing day by day due to the changes in the modern world. So, schools must take the initiative of including outdoor education in the school’s curriculum. With motivation, realistic and impact on the students, outdoor education will help them to learn faster and better.

Benefits of Outdoor Education Upon Students

Getting a learning experience while facing real situations can increase a student’s development in social skills. When these experiences are well-planned and personalized to meet the needs of every child then the benefits of outdoor education comes in.

  • It builds community
  • It raises expectations and standards
  • It increases connection
  • It builds a culture
  • It develops positive feelings and memories

Ideal Areas Suitable for Outdoor Education

There are many outdoor areas, where kids can freely carry out their outdoor education. Some of them mentioned here are:

School Grounds:

This is a large area where kids can easily spend their time doing activities. School grounds are considered secure and ideal for both formal and informal learning.

Local Environment:

This is an area located nearby to the school or neighbourhood. It can provide a completely different and unexpected way of learning like about temples, parks, theatres and many more.

Residential Areas:

These areas are packed with several adults and kids who can offer a great learning experience to the students. Depending on nature and interaction with other kids, this will be a very helpful place for outdoor education.

Though there are many schools in Siliguri which are not equally emphasized on outdoor education. In this, Father Leblond School completely focuses on outdoor education for a child’s education.

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