Better Ways To Measure Student Progress

Better Ways To Measure Student Progress


According to the best school in Siliguri, it is vital to understand how your child is working at educational and behavioural level. You are doing not necessarily need to wait till you collect your child’s assessment results at the top of a term to understand their performance. Being involved in your child’s school life is extremely important. It shows that you simply support and motivate them. It helps keep a relationship together with your child that’s positive for his or her growth and respectful to both parent and child.

Table of contents:

How to assess the performance of your student or child

  • Use Informal Observation
  • Allow for Self-Assessment
  • Provide Multiple Test Formats
  • Partner with the teacher
  • Get Involved


How to assess the performance of your student or child

Use Informal Observation

Observing students throughout the varsity day can give important insight into their learning needs and progress. Collecting data through notes, checklists, sticky notes, and audio notes can help teachers keep track of student strengths and wishes. Moreover, informal observations alert teachers to issues and knowledge that one can’t provide on a written test.

Allow for Self-Assessment

Give students a chance to assess their own learning and reflect on the progress they’re making. they will identify their own gaps in skills or knowledge, revise their work, and set realistic goals. This process also helps students stay motivated and curious about their own learning.

Provide Multiple Test Formats

According to the best school in Siliguri, tests don’t get to be restricted to pencil and paper formats. Students with written output issues are often given oral-response tests. Teachers can use multiple choice, long answer, short answer, diagrams, charts, fill-in-the-blank, and other graphic organizers to possess students to answer questions on the material.

Partner with the teacher

Enhance the tutorial success and social well-being of your child. Attend parent-teacher meetings and stay informed about your child’s academic progress. Ask your child’s teacher what you’ll do reception to assist your child. continue field trips together with your child’s class and volunteer to assist the teacher within the classroom, on the playground or at special events.

Get Involved

Whether kids are just starting kindergarten or entering their last year of grade school, there are many good reasons for folks to volunteer at college. It is a good way for folks to point out they’re curious about their kids’ education and also evaluated how they need to be grown in their respective courses.

An academic assessment, combined with the results of other tests, can provide information to help parents and teachers to raised understand a child’s academic strengths and weaknesses and inform effective individualised learning plans according to the best school in Siliguri.

Note: This blog is for the awareness and importance of child evaluation at all stages in school in the context of education and aspects of behavioural development.

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