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Father Leblond School is known for staying true to their values to make it stronger to provide knowledge for excellence. Being the best school in Siliguri is not easy. It requires the management to focus on every activity in school that plays significant roles in the development of students. Academic knowledge alone is not enough to for the development of a student. Therefore, participating in activities like art, music, dance, debating, photo-story writing, public speaking is compulsory. This is done in order to give them an opportunity and medium to hone in their creative skills.

Taking part in such extracurricular activities helps the students discover their passion. Being guided in the right direction is a stepping stone for them to excel in different fields. It even helps to improve the personality of the student and expand the opportunity to choose the right career. Schools in Siliguri concentrate on such activities to instill social skills, intellectual skills, and moral values in the students. This in turn leads to a progress in the personality helps them develop an appealing character. Father Leblond encourages the students to engage in science, creative arts and meditation to create a difference in their life. Education is the key to achieving success and Father Leblond plans to make it possible in the following ways:

Providing Unique Learning Methodology at the Schools in Siliguri

Father Leblond School takes every opportunity they can get to integrate academics with a variety of other activities. This ensures that the students take a keen interest in the things that they learn.

Actively participating in computer lab practicals and in projects will make them take an extra step towards proper education. To avoid making studies monotonous and boring, the best school in Siliguri focuses more towards mental and physical needs. Students tend to learn the subjects faster as practical knowledge helps them develop an interest and gather extensive knowledge.

Unique Learning Methodology at the Schools in Siliguri

Adding Cultural Values

Father Leblond School agrees with the fact that there is a need for culture in the current education system. Culture plays crucial role in defining the society and in shaping the personalities of the students. Schools in Siliguri engage students in cultural activities as it make a huge impact on improving their behavior. The value of culture can be parted to the students in the form of art, music, customs, and traditions. This initiative is taken to welcoming new ideas to survive in the present society. By taking part in cultural activities, the students are exposed to different cultures and different faiths. The education system further guides them to understand and respect every cultural tradition and values. Cultural events organized by the school aids in connecting the students with the society.

Adding Cultural Values

Helping in Personality Development

Developing a personality is also important to shape a career. The best schools in Siliguri arrange activities like debating, public speaking and others within students to improve their social skills. Participating in such events gives the students a confidence boost showcasing an improvement in their decision making skills. These activities in the school sharpen the communication skills of the student and help them confidently express their views. A sense of belongingness is also important and this can be achieved through recitation, art, craft, and other classroom activities. A child’s personality goes deeper than just the appearance and surface characteristics. It tells you a lot about their thoughts, feeling, behavior, and ability to make a task successful.

Helping in Personality Development

Gaining Experience

Father Leblond School is a huge advocate of helping students in gaining more experience through participation in co-curricular activities. Many schools in Siliguri conduct Scouts and Guides drills to develop their intellectual and physical skills. It encourages students to attend classes as they get the chance to engage in other activities that inspire them. Teachers keep motivating the students so that, they will improve their performance by assessing their own weaknesses and strengths. Taking a break from academics to engage in some physical activity will help sharpen their mind.

Father Leblond School imparts moral values through co-curricular activities. It also puts maximum effort towards the academic development of the students through computer classes and regular monitoring. The best school in Siliguri gives you a chance to take part in the journey to attain extensive knowledge.

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