Celebrating 72nd Independence Day in school with joy and pride

Celebrating 72nd Independence Day in school with joy and pride


Independence Day: the day we forced our way to Freedom

On 15th August 1947, our country became free from the long imprisonment of the British rule. This date is a red letter day in the history of India. Since then 15th August is celebrated as Independence Day with great joy and pride. This day the great sacrifice of the freedom fighters are remembered which throws light on the development of the country.

Why do we celebrate Independence Day?

We know that India got freedom from the 300 years of British rule in the stroke of midnight as we moved towards 15th August 1947. Many lives were sacrificed on this very day to give India freedom where many of them are not even known or remembered.

The most important reason behind celebrating Independence Day is that we remember and pay homage to these legends. So, it is very important to think and pay respect to those who died for the country.

Different ways of celebrating Independence Day at School:

On Independence Day flag hoisting ceremonies and cultural programmes are organized in schools in Siliguri. The students spend half of the day in preparing their speeches, dance, singing, etc on this auspicious day.

Well, here are a few ways how Independence Day is organized in schools:

1- Flag hoisting ceremony-

It is the 72nd year of India celebrating Independence Day. It is the day when we hoist our National Flag and remember the freedom fighters who struggled to give freedom to our country from the rule of British.

2- March Past-

Students participate in March past where they move to the rhythm of the drums. They move in a line with the tri-color flag flying high.

3- Planting trees-

After the March past, the students get divided and they plant trees in the school compound to spread the theme of “Go-Green” this year in Independence Day.

4- Children gather together-

After the flag hoisting and March-past, the children sit together for a small speech on Independence Day which is given by the head of the school.

5- Cultural Dance programmes-

After the speech, the children can enjoy the various cultural dance programmes performed by the students based on patriotic songs.

6- Acts on Indian History-

Students perform acts on the stories related to our Indian History by getting dressed as Britishers and freedom fighters.

7- Competitions are organized-

In Schools, various competitions like drawing, quiz and debate competitions are organized for the students in Independence Day.

8- Distributions of sweets-

After the programmes, teachers distribute sweets and chocolates to the students. They spend the whole day with their parents and friends at school.

72nd year of Freedom and Independence

Every school in the country does celebrate this auspicious day and remember the efforts of those countless Indians who sacrificed their lives so that the future generations would not suffer what they had suffered during those times.  So, this day the schools offer tribute to those freedom fighters because of whom we have the freedom of education, freedom to speech and equality among other citizens of the country. The main reason behind the celebration is that our young minds must understand our history and work towards creating a nation that they had sacrificed their lives for. Jai Hind!!

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