Father LeBlond School - The Right Institution for Learning

Father LeBlond School - The Right Institution for Learning


The creation of a world-class, exciting, and comprehensive atmosphere for students' all-round growth is a must for all premier boarding schools. Father LeBlond School, as the premier private school in Siliguri, India, aims to help students improve not just academically, but also physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

Whenever parents entrust their kids' education to school administrators, the question about the child receiving the appropriate environment in which to learn and live is constantly present. After all, deciding on a private school for your children is a big decision with a lot riding on it. With services and designs that make the dormitory comfortable, we put any such fears to rest at Father LeBlond School.

If you are looking for a perfect boarding school in Siliguri, look no further. We are committed to raising your children into responsible adults who will make you and our school proud.

What facilities do we offer here? 

Father LeBlond School in Siliguri, India, is known for its modern architecture, housing, and amenities. We strive to provide our students with a pleasant second home.

Our student apartments, which range from artistically planned, well-appointed, and air-conditioned dormitories, are the ideal hub for relaxation, and innovation without having to sacrifice the comfort of one’s home.We offer 5-day housing with holidays at home and 7-day accommodation with the option of staying on campus for the whole week. Girls and boys are housed separately at Father LeBlond School. They are given individual support and attention by professional Wardens and Matrons under the direction of the school management.

Housing features: 

Every student has a warm and comfortable mattress, a bed frame  and a private cabinet. Washing and maintenance services are available in the hostels.

Aside from academics, students can participate in a variety of professional and non-competitive sports in the school. This is how we ensure that the child gets healthy, both psychologically and physiologically, and that he or she has the opportunity to develop a passion for sports. Aside from some of these, the school offers community performances such as singing, dancing, decoration, art and other activities. 


Father LeBlond School Festival


Involvement in such events fosters a feeling of community and leads to the formation of important social skills including collaboration, management, and communication. On special occasions like festivals, there are celebrations involving all students and staff. These help in fostering a feeling of community and brotherhood. 

In each hostel, a lobby and leisure room, called the Common Room allows scholars to play electronic games, watch the news, and use the computer and internet services while remaining under continual supervision.

Why send your children to Father LeBlond School? 

Apart from all facilities offered here, we have been producing excellent results and have successful alumni. Our teaching staff is well-experienced and is continuously evaluated and trained to make sure that children receive only the best education there is. We tailor our course in such a way that children do not feel bored with academics and have enough time for activities in between. 

We also encourage students to pursue their own passions. While academic acumen is certainly one of our goals, we understand that every child is distinct and encourage them to follow their dreams. 

Father LeBlond educates young students not only in knowledge, but also in the way of life, thanks to its unique combination of resources and educational methodology.

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