How to improve your child's educational standards?

How to improve your child’s educational standards?


“Education is the continuous movement from darkness to light.” – Allan Bloom

Yes! You can improve a child’s education…

Education is one of the critical components of a child’s life. For a child to have the best education there has to be a perfect teamwork and cooperation between the parents, teachers and the child. If one of the triangles is absent then it might significantly harm the education of the child. And this must not happen! How?

Different roles played by the:

  • Parents:

As a parent, they have the most crucial role in improving a child’s education. The parents are not just there to help them with their homework. But to help them gain confidence, good-self image and motivate them to do well in their life.

  • Teachers:

Secondly, the teachers play a representative role after the parents. They instill within the child’s mind extra knowledge. They are trained to help the child with academic problems and discuss with the parents for their well-being.

Even though you are helpful and supportive towards your child’s education, still there are many other ways to help your child grow academically.

Education fills the empty mind with good things! But, how it starts…


Parents being the first teacher of a child it is essential for them to keep aside some time to concentrate on the child’s studies. The parents can start with easy books and stories by making it more interesting to keep the child’s attention.

2.Teaching them through daily experiences:

Although the child learns a lot from the school, there are other activities which a child learns at home too. If a child asks something, do not just answer. A parent must explain the answer adequately to help the child think and put their reasons.

3.Talk to your children and let them too:

A parent must talk directly to their children about every aspect of life and situations. Set a good example and also listen to the child carefully. This will help them to make safe, positive choices and handle every situation wisely.

4.Find out about the standards of schools:

Know about the standards before admitting the child in any of the schools in Siliguri. For example, the reading, writing skills, and the type of teaching standards do the school has. However, if it is not according to the standard then meet the teachers. It feels good about getting involved!

5.Keep in touch with the school:

Many parents do not wait for the schools to tell about their child how their kids are doing. To make this happen, parents must visit the school or call to know about their child’s progress. This will help the parents to keep a track of the child’s studies.

6.Be understanding and encouraging:

It is an excellent thinking to expect good marks from a child. But the first thing to do is to understand them. Even though you want him to be top amongst all other students, but you must understand their potential. Just encourage and support him to do the best!

The responsibility of the ICSE School:

It is the sole responsibility of the school to increase a child’s thinking ability after parents. From boosting their confidence in learning the importance of teamwork, schools do it all.

Away from home, schools inevitably become the second home of the child. And the ICSE residential school is the best boarding school in Siliguri to provide you such positive environment for a child.

Working together…

Young people live and learn in two worlds- School and Home. The way the two worlds connect can make a big difference in a child’s education. If teachers, parents and young children talk and work together then the final goal of helping a child learn and develop can be achieved.

You have the right to expect and you can surely ask for help!

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