How To Score Well In The ICSE Examination

How To Score Well In The ICSE Examination


The ICSE written examination is difficult to pass as the exam necessitates thorough preparation. If a student wants to get a 95 percent on the written exam, then the student must not take ICSE board exams casually. Candidates should begin their prep earlier and conclude ahead of schedule to review and practice. They should also eat and drink nutritious foods to be in shape and should be able to handle the exam strain. Otherwise, it could spell their doom.

Father LeBlond School is among the best boarding schools in Siliguri affiliated with the ICSE Board. Here we ensure that our students are in the right state to give their examinations every year and pass the ICSE with flying colors.

The guidelines or ICSE board test preparation approach listed here will help you effortlessly score up to 95 percent in the written exam.

Passing the ICSE Board Exam with a score of 95%

Although there is no guarantee that you will get perfect grades in the written exam, you must be meticulous and conscientious during the initial stage. During your prep, you should strictly adhere to the schedule. 

We've prepared a list of a few suggestions to help you prepare for the exam.

  • Learn the curriculum - You should be familiar with the ICSE Class 10 test curriculum. The curriculum for board exams is often well-defined, precise, and well organized. It simply ensures that you are acquainted with the most up-to-date and accurate course
  • Notes- Take observations on your terms as quickly as you comprehend anything so you may refer to them afterward. You must prepare a study schedule to ensure that you do never lose sight somewhere in between. Make a plan from the start and stick to it for the entire year.
  • Don’t feel burdened by the syllabus and don't let it bother you as your study habits are really important. You must love your textbooks to achieve a 95% in the board exam. Make it fun by studying engagingly and attractively.
  • Make a schedule for yourself – To study for the ICSE exam, make a schedule and stick to it. This studying calendar or timetable will assist you in keeping track of your progress.
  • No stress - Don't fret if you haven't finished the syllabus in the first six months, just make sure you practice it multiple times or three times before the examination.
  • Complete ICSE & ISC Study Material as if you were taking a Pre-Board Exam- This is so you may inspect, observe, recognize, and correct your errors thereafter. After you have finished a Sample Paper, spend some time on your responses and identify any mistakes you made. Following that pay close attention to any recurring errors and attempt to correct them. If you still need additional deeper understanding after noticing the repeating faults, browse through your textbooks twice. 


To perform well, you must comprehend the Paper Pattern, recognize Frequent Problems, self-assess your study, and become comfortable with each idea.

Father LeBlond School is a center of academic excellence who have been able to nourish the mind of children. Here we try to bring out the best in every child and our staff is more than qualified to handle all kinds of students and make sure they pass the board exams with flying colors.

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