How, Which, What, Contributes in Making a Student Efficient?

How, Which, What, Contributes in Making a Student Efficient?

 extraordinarily Efficient

Here is a graphical representation that displays the qualities that makes a Student, extraordinarily Efficient.

Children are born with different DNA and Chromosomes. Their brains have different functional capabilities. You cannot compare a child with the other one. Therefore, defining an exact technique for students being superbly efficient is not possible.

In this article, you will get an informative and scientific explanation of how students become efficient, also which and what contribute in making them so. .

How do Students become Efficient?

In processes of students being efficient, the teachers play a vital role. Teachers must give proper attention to each of their students and analyze their behavior and performance. This point is especially for the teachers to follow and apply.

Have a proper look at the structure below to understand how students become more efficient:

How do Students become Efficient

Note: Students those who get significant attention from the teachers become efficient in their work.

Which School Gears Up Student’s Efficiency?

Focus on the arrow:

Focus on the arrow

The arrow is showing the percentage of students admitted in different schools.

The first corridor in a student’s career is his/her school. Smart parents admit their wards in Boarding Schools. There are different statics that says why the boarding school is always better than any other schooling system.

To explain you in a simple manner, rewind back in history    ;

What is the educational system in the historical India? It’s the Gurukul system. Children stay at guru’s house from a very early age and receive education. In a manner quality like, discipline, punctuality, mannerism, sincerity, obedience, efficiency gets a hike in the student’s character. 

Balancing with the modern era the Gurukul has modified itself into Boarding school. Especially the ICSE Boarding Schools grab attention.

Note: Students admitted in boarding schools have shown tremendous all round development than other student types

What Boost up Student’s Efficiency?


Family, teachers, peers and environment come together to make an efficient student.

The funnel demonstrates the process of becoming an efficient student

The funnel demonstrates the process of becoming an efficient student.

This funnel is a complete explanation of what makes an efficient student. A student who is blessed with Keen Teacher, Understanding family, Good friends and proper environment to study results to be an efficient student.

As we have mentioned earlier there is no such distinctive method for a student being efficient. However, if you can seep these three things through the funnel, there is 99% guarantee that the student will turn out to be an efficient one.

Note: An efficient student is the outcome of a complete process called proper guidance.

Moral of the story

“Do what you love and love what you do”- Roy

Being a highly efficient student is not a thing to achieve but a process to love and become. Once you start loving your school, your studies, your sports, your music, your teachers, your family, you ultimately start gaining interest in being an efficient student.

Now, when you are interested you perform better.

“ Interest helps Perform better” – Nita

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