Important basic facilities which must be available at School

Important basic facilities which must be available at School


You must choose the best school with best facilities which are important for his better future and complete overall development of your child.

Education according to their growth and development

A school is an institution designed to provide space and environment for learning for the students under the directions of teachers. Most countries have the formal education which is compulsory. In this system, the students go through a three-stage of education which is primary, secondary and higher education. Then it comes to college or university.

In addition to these students also get an education before the primary or secondary education which is called Kindergarten or preschool education. These stages of education give a child ability and knowledge about every aspect of the world and to increase their thinking ability.

Why is the Quality of education so important?

Education is undeniably one of the most important aspects of life. As students grow up, education helps them to grow up as people, learn new skills and improve their knowledge. All of these information helps us in their daily lives making them an adult, helps them to become better, they grow up to be more informed citizens and enable them to lead a happy and a successful life.

Why is ICSE board essential?

ICSE is basically a type of examination operated by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination. It has been designed to provide an examination in a course of general education. Due to some following reasons you can know about the essentials of admitting your child in an ICSE board:

• The syllabus of ICSE is focused on overall subjects like Arts, Language, and Science.
• It is more comprehensive and detailed.
• The board gives more focus on English which gives them an edge over English.
•  A certificate of the ICSE board is accepted in schools, colleges, and universities in any corner of the world.
• The curriculum is fruitful for students who want a career in Humanities and Management.

Things that should accompany a child besides education

School facilities are very important in the school. Its atmosphere greatly affects the student’s learning because it sometimes sets the student’s mind in learning new things. It is very important to have better facilities as the world is undergoing innovation of teaching strategies and change in an educational system. There are many schools but Father LeBlond School offers convenient facilities for a better education of the students. The environment must be safe, secure, accessible, well-ventilated and pleasing.

So it is very important to have the basic facilities in every school for the betterment of the students.

Classroom: The classrooms must be equipped with modern teaching technologies and computer learning aid for individual attention and development. The teachers should conduct Special Tutorial Classes to bring confidence in the students.

Auditorium: Every school must have an auditorium so that students can perform functions and recreational activities. These activities will help the students to grow and mix with other students to build their confidence.

Infirmary: A school must have an infirmary and there must be doctors on call so that the students get proper aid if he or she gets ill or get hurt inside the school premises.

Laboratories: Schools must have laboratories for the experiment and learning computer in a better way. So it is must to have science and computer laboratories.

Library: A library is a place where numbers of books are kept for increasing reading habits among students. It also widens their horizon of learning and creative thinking.

Cafeteria: It is necessary to have a cafeteria so that the students if they want to pay then they can have food by paying.

Day Scholars and Day Boarding Wing: There are many outsiders who come to study in search of better schools. So it is necessary to have a day boarding and boarding wing facilities to provide them accommodation facilities.

Dining Hall: The school must have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets with a proper dining hall for the balanced growth of the students.

Choose the best to make him the same

There are many schools in Siliguri which have good facilities but among them, there are few which provide the best and proper facilities. These facilities will give your child a pleasing and safe environment to study and it will help them to grow faster.

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