Independent Boarding and Day School in Darjeeling

Independent Boarding and Day School in Darjeeling


Deciding whether to send your child to a boarding school in Darjeeling instead of the day school is a decision which most of the parents make during the completion of the child’s primary school.

But is it right to send?

Parents are often confused while choosing the best school for their children. They also start thinking about whether sending their child to study in boarding or day school.

Making your child’s future bright!!

Education from a boarding school helps a lot in moulding a child into a better and educated person. It has their own set of advantages to putting your child in boarding school rather than sending them to a day school. Let us see what they are!

Why choose boarding school? The benefits!

Self-reliance lessons:

As soon as a child enters a boarding school they start getting the idea of being away from home. This builds self-reliance within your child and helps them to live in any situation or place.

Disciplined lifestyle:

Boarding schools have their own rules and discipline so the child also gets disciplined more than day school. Besides leading a disciplined life a child will also have a well-balanced daily routine.

Closer interaction with teachers:

Due to a limited number of students, the teachers develop a good bond with the students. They get more involved in developing a child’s education and help them in every phase of life.

Teacher-Student Interaction

Teacher-Student Interaction

Proper education and development:

As a child lives in an educational environment in a boarding school all the time, they learn important things which sometimes cannot be taught at home. This school in Darjeeling will build your child’s base properly.

Extra-curricular activities:

Boarding schools do have more extracurricular activities than in day school. They have a responsibility to keep the child busy every time. The new hobbies will change the child’s personality.



Stronger family relationships:

A child stays away from home; they will come to know about the value of family and relationships. Since they are kept away from the family tension, it actually improves the family relationship.

Successful peer interaction:

In a boarding school, a child is interacting with children of different personality. So this will help in their interaction with peers and family. This will also help them to respect other students in the class.

If you want your child to be in an educational environment then admit him or her to one of the best boarding schools in Darjeeling to improve their lives and have a better future.

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