Looking At Education Through Technology

Looking At Education Through Technology


COVID-19 has made the world come to a halt. While the Indian government introduced a shutdown to fight infection from spreading anymore. The pandemic has proven to be an insurmountable barrier to the on-campus educational process. Universities, institutions, and other establishments were permitted to open but only for a limited period.

The new wave, however, made matters more difficult to proceed. Innovation has aided in maintaining schooling afloat and steady throughout these dynamic and rapidly changing times.

Because of the unique scenario, schools were obliged to shut their doors and move the entire curriculum process online. Most of the country's schools found the shift difficult but had to catch up due to the urgency. In this context, it is essential to understand that educating children needs to be considered through a digital lens and given how the world has imbibed technology in all other aspects of life. 

Why is it essential to highlight online education? 

During the pandemic, platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom provided tailored services to assist institutions in continuing their efforts. While traditional schooling has progressed throughout time, online learning is still in its infancy. Regardless, it has proven to be beneficial. Moreover, the key characteristics of innovative education can benefit everyone, including teachers, pupils, and the school. 

What are the benefits of online learning? 

We have pointed out some of the advantages that online education brings. 

1. Technical knowledge: 

Instructors are familiar with conventional teaching methods only. Many advanced training courses on these sites aided their personal and professional growth during the pandemic. As students mastered numerous new approaches linked to online learning, their technological knowledge has increased.

2. More planned lectures:

​Instructors can use the vast resource of online material to make individualized and relevant learning activities. Technological advancements have helped increase participation. With the use of major online platforms such as podcasts, photos, and engaging questionnaires. Instructors can now create more disciplined study guides and lessons

3. From rote to real education: 

Although education gives students task-based assignments, combining them with virtual classrooms introduces them to additional prospective school work. Automation also aids in the creation and distribution of various tasks. It guarantees that the task given will be submitted in the time allotted. Furthermore, electronic learning fosters pupils' analytical minds. They learn how to make the most of the web's tremendous resources.

4. Evaluation: 

The evaluation process is reasonably rapid, simple, and open on these online platforms. Instructors can assess their students' progress and make necessary adjustments to their lesson plans. Due to the lack of physical monitoring on the online system, these exams assist children in developing a sense of social responsibility.

5. Continuous parent-teacher engagement: 

Unlike regular school days, which only have a few days for parent-teacher connection, the virtual learning method allows for more regular encounters from the comfort and privacy of their own home. Teachers may keep parents informed about their children's progress, and families can communicate with teachers to give their opinions and comments. Furthermore, families can assist teachers in better understanding their children's issues, allowing the teacher to deliver the most appropriate remedies.

6. Family involvement: 

Young kids require constant monitoring, which necessitates higher parental involvement. In the classroom setting, parents' responsibilities end after the kid enters the school gate but in online education, they have more participation in their cognitive improvement.

Schools must recognize the importance of online mediums in the present world and adjust their teaching methods accordingly. 

Father LeBlond School is pioneering digital learning by encouraging students to perform their best.

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