Personality Development in Students

Personality Development in Students


Personal development represents a person's real self. It might span from a child's vocational abilities to the person's character, behavior, and attitude to stressful events. It is a collection of features that create a person's overall and exterior persona. It may be one of the characteristics, or organized patterns of conduct, that distinguishes a person.

Schools are where kids spend most of their time, and the environment of the school plays a very distinctive role in making sure that the child grows up to be a holistic adult. Father LeBlond School in Siliguri is committed to the growth and development of children through academic as well as co-curricular pursuits. 

Why is it important for kids to build their personalities?

Temperament, behaviour, mood, and surroundings are some of the aspects that create an individual's personality. These characteristics do not emerge on their own; rather, a person must practice on them on a regular basis. It boosts one's ego and assurance. It has the potential to improve a child's communicative and expressive abilities. 

What function does character growth have in a child's professional life?

Personality growth has an immense influence on one's professional life. The capacity to be calm and composed and the capacity to operate under duress can both help to improve one's character. Furthermore, characteristics such as technological capabilities and social activities provide the person with better prospects. A child's career success depends on communication, efficient management skills, leadership attributes, and community abilities. 

Father LeBlond School is among the best schools in Siliguri where your child will receive a rounded and holistic education, and grow up to be a responsible adult. 

How to encourage personality development in children? 

We have compiled a list of ways in which personality development can be encouraged in all children. Each child is talented in some manner, and it is our responsibility to give them the tools they need to develop their natural talents and abilities.

Building a supportive and progress-oriented atmosphere for students will guarantee that they grow and evolve their personalities correctly. This type of setting is not limited to the family, but also stretches to schools and the teaching context.

In terms of physical, psychological, and sustainable changes, a child's first few years of education are critical. Father LeBlond School fosters this pleasant atmosphere that promotes students to pursue their passions.


Personality development at Leblond school


1. It is the job of the teacher to stick to their preached values

We believe that the very first step is to put what you teach into practice. Most teachers have a list of do’s and don'ts that they require their students to pursue, but they rarely do so personally. Kids learn by watching, and teachers can have the greatest influence on their children's personalities.

As a result, we attempt to establish an atmosphere in which the child may see and understand from conduct and behaviour. 


2. We make no inaccurate assessments

Although most of us don't mean to lower children's spirits, we can fall into a few bad behaviours that can harm their self-esteem.

We never evaluate one child with another because this will leave a big impact on their thinking that they aren't adequate. Instead of drawing parallels, we focus on their qualities and provide them with illustrations about themselves rather than others. 


3. We allow them to make age-appropriate choices by giving them opportunities.

It's one thing to advise a child when they need it, but it's quite another to continually meddle with and manage their lives. Even at the young age of kindergarten, many teachers do not see the necessity of giving their children their own privacy.


4. We allow them to express themselves creatively.

This is a crucial part in assisting a child in identifying and pursuing his/her natural talents. Allowing them uninterrupted time will allow them to pursue their passions. Free play time improves their ability to think creatively and can lead to new opportunities in terms of finding a passion. 

At Father LeBlond School, we care about your children and are only committed to transforming them into responsible adults. Visit our school to know more about our learning methodologies and admission process.

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