Preparation of annual concert in ICSE schools

Preparation of annual concert in ICSE schools


‘Not only studies, but co-curricular activities are also important. So let’s know about the biggest celebration held annually in every school.’

Overview of the celebration!!

Annual Day concert is the most anxiously awaited occasions. It is not like other small occasions held in a school.

It is a massive celebration for which students including the teachers work hard and prepare everything to make this day a success. Great excitement and various activities can be seen all around the school. Even those who are not actively involved they also get a chance to spend study-free day school with fun, amusement, and enjoyment.

Need for the celebration!!

This event will provide the students with overall development and make them active in every aspect of the school environment.

Also, the students get a chance to show their talents in front of the big audience. Everyone gets excited about this event and the preparations start in full flow weeks before the final day. It is a grand occasion along with the students, the teachers, and all other staff members who contribute sincerely to the growth and progress of the school all year long.

Role of the teachers or students to make it successful!!

It is organized every year annually at the end of the month and each ICSE boarding school in Siliguri arrange it in the own unique way. The teachers and the students equally work hard to make this event a grand one by preparing for weeks.

Even though we know about the preparation but let’s discuss it in details!

How do the Concerts become a Reality!!

Planning an annual concert is a great challenge which certainly needs careful planning and organization. So let’s know how!

•Forming a committee to discuss the matters regarding the event
•Sending invitations on time to the chief guest and other essential persons
•Starting rehearsals for the entertainment programs like singing and dancing or any other activity
•Cleaning the entire school
•Arranging the benches and walls must be updated with posters for the annual day event
•Decorating the whole school with balloons, flowers, and colorful lightings to make it attractive

Studies are not only important but taking part in co-curricular activities is also an essential part in a student’s life. It will keep them active and understand their own potential. Also it will make them know more outside than just the experience of pen and pencil.

As it is rightly said that, “If you teach me, I will forget, if you show me, I might remember, and if you involve me, I will never forget.”

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