Preschools in Siliguri - Tips to prepare your kid for a new life at preschool

Preschools in Siliguri – Tips to prepare your kid for a new life at preschool


Pre-school-the first step of a child towards academics

A pre-school is also known as nursery school, pre-primary school, playschool or kindergarten. It is an educational establishment which offers learning space to the kids with basic education before they start their primary education in big schools. It is publicly or privately operated and not included in public funds.

The best preschools in Siliguri for the first step:

There are many preschools in Siliguri which have grown substantially during the last decade. Every top brand preschool offers convenience along with the best infrastructure, a prescribed curriculum and also transportation.

  • Kidzee Preschool
  • Sweet Angels Preschool
  • Little Laureates
  • Abacus Preschool
  • Step Kids
  • Bright Academy
  • Cosmos Global Preschool

Why start your child’s growth with Pre-school?

Pre-school is the first step to be taken for every child. The pre-school education is important as it helps your child to acquire social skills and learning-related skills. It also gives guidance to the students towards healthier development and acquiring the abilities they need before entering the school. But there are some important reasons for why preschool is important for a child:

  • Preschool is a foundation for social and academic learning:

Young children are naturally curious and observant. They like learning and asking about new things which will help them to prepare for the academic demands of school. The teachers can organize games and activities to help them acquire social and academic skills.

  • Preschool provides kids for a structured learning:

The preschool gives them the opportunity to be in a structured setting with teachers and their classmates. They learn to share and follow instructions, raise their hand in asking questions and share the teacher’s attention. This sort of group experience is important before they start school.

  • Preschool prepare the child for elementary schools:

You must not be afraid that pre-math and pre-literacy skills will cut into their important play time and enjoyment. The teachers will prepare your child through play, so learning will definitely be a fun for your kid.

  • Preschool will help your child develop socially and emotionally:

In preschools, the children will learn how to make friends, respect others and solve their problems. They will also gain a sense of exploring and building confidence. This will help them in discovering that they are capable and can do things for themselves.

  • They will learn their ABCs and 123s:

In preschools, the teachers do not make your child sit and make them learn and only study rather they teach them letters and numbers by doing various fun and exciting activities. This makes the kids find interest in learning through storytelling, talking to the teachers about stars and playing with blocks.

Tips to make your child ready and happy to join Preschool:

Each parent tries their best to get their children admitted into the best playschool but as the sending day starts to arrive you realize the fact of how hard it is to send your child away for the first time. This is the period when you and your child both learn about preparing and sending your child to preschool.

You might be tensed or facing problem in thinking how your child will face so many strangers and adjust to a new place. Well, this article might help you in easing your tension and ways to know to prepare your child for preschool.

1-Shift your schedule:

Before the starting of the school, try shifting your child’s schedule according to the school timings like sleeping at the right time and eating meals together. This will make the change in the routine of your child smoother.

2-A tour before the school starts:

It is normal for your kid to get afraid of the separation from the home. So, you can take your child on a tour of the school and especially the playground before the starting of the school. This will help them to overcome their separation anxiety.

3-Eating food by self:

Before you send your kid off to school you must make sure to prepare them to eat food by themselves during break time in playschools. As a result, it will help them to be independent from the very beginning.

4-On the first day:

The first day of joining preschool is the most important day for the kid. You should not just drop your kid and drive off which might create problems for your kid to settle. So, try to stay for 15-20 minutes before your child gets completely involved in the class along with the teachers and classmates.

Preschool is the best foundation that should support his or her growth

Preschool is a time of tremendous growth. You can make this change into a confidence-building experience for both you and your child with just a little preparation. So the various pre-schools in Siliguri are providing the best opportunity for your child to adapt skills before entering the school.

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