Quality Education Services To Strengthen And To Open The Minds Of Students

Quality Education Services To Strengthen And To Open The Minds Of Students


Education is perceived as the soul of the society as it is passed on from one generation to another. To be able to share this knowledge and help shape young minds is one of the greatest responsibilities of all times. Schools in Darjeeling make sure to take this responsibility seriously and do their best to uphold the high standard of education.

Table of contents:

  1. Auditorium
  2. Library
  3. Swimming Pool
  4. Smart Classes

Father LeBlond School is one of the schools in Darjeeling that does its best to retain the values and teachings and pass it onto their students. We at Father Leblond realize the necessity of a quality education and have crafted the set of facilities in order to stimulate proper education in students. Some of these facilities are listed below:


The Auditorium at Father Leblond School is an immersive platform for the students to explore and discover the hidden artists within them. At Father Leblond, every student is actively encouraged to take active part in various programs and events organized by the school. The teachers also constantly monitor and help the students in their endevours.


A School Library clearly reflects the educational purposes and goals of the institution with their wide assortment of books and other educational brochures. The School Library plays a significant role in the education of the pupils by backing up the curriculum, nurturing the love for reading in a child, develop  horizon of learning and creative thinking and enhance the students overall school experience. The Library is equipped with a large number of books of wide variety and interests to widen the.

Swimming Pool

Once a luxury facility available only in a few schools, a swimming pool is now an essential part of modern schooling which helps students learn the art of swimming. Swimming is not only a hobby, but also an important life skill to have. Swimming is also a great way to maintain the fitness of the body, and strengthen other senses in the process.

Smart Classes

Technology has dominated education greatly. It is also one of the most efficient modes to pass off information onto the students with the help of a visual aid.  It greatly improves teacher effectiveness and productivity in class by making the concepts lively and thus, making the learning experience much enjoyable and fun-filled. 

It also brings about interactive learning process, formation of better concept, concept elaboration, improvement in reading skills and academic achievement along with providing the ability to design instant formative assessment modules and evaluation.

All of these features and more is what separates Father Leblond School from the other generic schools and make its name as one of the most prestigious schools in Darjeeling.

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