Stages of School Education in India

Stages of School Education in India


Every parent is concerned about their child’s education and wants to give them the best possible education. But nowadays a child’s education is beyond just writing and reading. Child grooming, enhancing knowledge and helping them to know about different ideas are also included in a child’s education.

Questions Come to Your Mind During a Child’s Education

When you think of your child’s education there are few questions which keep striking you all the time:

  • At what age should a child start her schooling?
  • At what age should a child take admission in pre-primary or primary school?
  • When do admissions in schools start?

To get the answers, you have to know about the different stages of education in India.

Stages of School Education for a Child in India

Pre-primary Stage:

The pre-primary stage is the foundation of a child’s behavior, knowledge, and skills. After completing pre-primary education a child goes to the primary stage of education. It is also the first stage of compulsory education which enables a child to prepare for higher classes.

A Pre-primary Stage Consists of:

  • Preparatory class
  • Nursery
  • LKG
  • UKG.

Primary Stage:

The primary stage of school education consists of Classes I to V. The age limit for enrollment in primary school is from 6-14 years.

The structure and curriculum of primary school begin from pre-primary education and followed by secondary education. The subjects taught at primary school include science, geography, history, math, and social science.

Middle Stage:

The middle stage of education comprises of classes 6 to 8. The objectives of education for the middle stage remain the same but they operate at higher levels of complexity. They also gain greater knowledge, deeper understanding, and principles.

Secondary Stage:

The secondary stage starts from class 9 to 10. It is known as the secondary version where the students sit for board exams. This is the examination where the child’s knowledge and learning will officially be marked.

Higher Secondary Stage:

This is where classes 11 and 12 come in the phase. Children above 17 years old are eligible for appearing higher secondary examinations. It divides its stream into Arts, Science, and Commerce according to student’s aptitude and the successful completion of this stage will bring a bright future for the child.

True education will help a child learn how to think and what to think. Being a parent you must choose wisely to give your child a good education.

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