Summer Project a Learning Experience or a Waste of Time?

Summer Project – a Learning Experience or a Waste of Time?


For a child the start of the summer vacation means watching TV, lying on the couch, sleeping till late during the day and playing with friends. Nowadays school has opened up many new avenues and new challenges for children to take up. Those days are gone when teachers used to just explain the students and used to give them homework to do.

Need for vacation

Due to the burden of expectations and academic pressure, young minds are always into books. So to break that monotony, summer vacations are a need for children to have fun and relax for a month or half away from the books, teachers and regular classes. This is when the necessity of summer projects comes.

The Debate Behind Having Holiday Homework

Need for vacation


Whether a child should get holiday homework during summer vacations has been remained as a debate between students, teachers, and parents:

While some parents want their children to stay in touch with their studies even during the holidays so that they do not forget their lessons.

The other numbers of parents want their children to have fun while learning and do not take the stress of academics during their summer holidays.

Is It Beneficial?

The answer is yes. Although the thought of completing holiday homework brings down the spirit of vacation.

But it is also true that a child’s mind is like a blank box, you can open them to new learning opportunities and challenges which will let them have fun during learning and can also enjoy the holiday time.

Benefits & Drawbacks of Summer Projects for Kids

Benefits & Drawbacks of Summer Projects for Kids

On understanding the benefits of summer projects upon children, it is important to keep in mind that one cannot take a complete break from studies as it can affect a child’s development. Also, relaxing during the summer vacations allows the kids to stay refreshed during the whole year.

Summer Projects-is It an Experience or Waste of Time?

During a summer break kids get relieved from the pressure they go through the academic year and they are free to explore their own projects in their own leisure time during the summer holidays.

Ways a Child Can Spend His/her Vacations:

  • Art project
  • Reading a book
  • Playing with friends
  • Dancing
  • Sculpting
  • Taking part in any sport

These interests or projects will let them have an enriching experience than just sticking to the books.

To conclude this, summer projects are important for a child to develop their own skill and have fun. So, every school must accomplish such agendas to help kids develop their overall being.

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