The Importance of homework to students who take it as a burden

The Importance of homework to students who take it as a burden


Homework or home assignments are a set of tasks which is assigned to students by their teachers which can be completed outside the class.

It is a positive experience that helps and encourages all children to learn well and improve their studies. But there is always something more to than just reading and writing notes, it also includes some learning.

Reason behind teachers giving homework!!

‘Teachers help students by providing them with homework but it includes other factors too!’

  • Help them to understand their studies independently
  • It helps them to maintain time, solves problems and self-discipline
  • Help them to increase their research skill of finding, organizing and condensing information
  • It gives a sense of learning personally
  • It helps them to use libraries and other educational resources
  • It also brings teachers and parents close together

We know about the reasons but are it in any way useful for teachers. Yes, it is.

How is it useful!!

If teachers accurately provide homework then it can give them a useful tool to evaluate

  • Whether the students have understood or not
  • It gives them a clear indication about the topics which need more attention
  • It must be given to know proper feedbacks
  • And assignments must be given to providing beneficial learning needs

‘Not only teachers but parents are also responsible for helping kids with their homework.’

How parents can help them out!!

It is essential for parents to help kids do their homework.  This help will put them in an excellent position to get success in class.

But by doing the work of the child might hamper their studies and they might not get independent in doing their work. Then what is the easy way for parents without getting involved.

  • A regular schedule must be set for completing homework
  • A homework space must be provided with all the supplies and resources
  • Guided must be provided, not answers
  • Helping a child in managing time
  • The environment must be pressure free
  • Help the child in learning

So, too much involvement is not the solution, motivating and guiding is what matters the most

Homework is important!!

Now we know that homework is necessary but there are some other things to make us know more about the importance behind giving students homework. Let’s see it!!

  • It improves a child’s thinking and memory
  • It helps a child develop positive study skills and habits
  • It teaches the child to work independently
  • Homework teaches the child to take responsibility for their work
  • It allows the child to review and practice about what has been done in class
  • It encourages the child to explore any subject properly
  • It allows the child to extend their learning habits

Not only this, many academic benefits come with doing your homework. That is why it is mandatory for all schools and especially for ICSE boarding school in Siliguri.

Homework is the first step!!

Doing homework isn’t always easy and fun, but if a child can get help it becomes easier to complete it quickly.

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