The Most Important Role Played by Teachers in Education

Role Played by Teachers in Education


Father LeBlond School in Siliguri is well-known for its illustrious faculty. Every member of our teaching staff is a skillful teacher who knows what to do in the classroom and who is committed to teaching and loves children so that all students can get the best kind of education.

The role of the teacher is not minimal. They are much more than an academic person; they play the role of a counselor, supervisor, source of inspiration, auxiliary caregiver, and so on. As soon as a child is enrolled in a school, the teacher's role in shaping the children into bright students starts. The teacher is responsible in our lives for us to thrive in our careers, jobs, and businesses, and in general, to become great human beings. A competent teacher assists us in becoming good members of the community and good human beings in the community. 

Significance of a Teacher 

A child is like a terra cotta, and teachers can mold that child into any form they want. As they are born with no information, a child learns everything from their families and then from their instructors. They receive knowledge and understanding from their teachers. Teachers play an active part in their education. They get to be a motivator, a source of confidence, and a source of reassurance for kids.

Pupils deal with instructors in all settings, including schools, universities, and organizations, to help them share their destiny. Despite having a severe demeanor, they are kind and caring toward their pupils. The importance of a teacher in shaping children into good students cannot be overstated.


Role of teacher in student's life

We have outlined some of the most important roles our teachers at Father LeBlond embody, along with their penchant for teaching.

1. Making Learning a Pleasure

Every student is unique and their preferences too. Some pupils love learning, while others dislike it. As a result, it is the obligation of a teacher to teach kids in such a manner that they appreciate studying and concentrate on it. Instead of lecturing, they should use an entertaining way of teaching.

2. Connecting the Dots in the Real World

When teaching, a skilled teacher must endeavor to relate different disciplines to real-life circumstances to make ideas accessible to students. Students will always ask if what they are studying applies to their everyday lives or not. It is important to show them how these are applicable in real life.

3. Motivating Pupils

It will be much more beneficial for the students if a teacher respects and encourages their attitude. A teacher may motivate students to overcome any obstacle with support. Support and words of encouragement are proven to be effective to motivate learners. The correct words spoken at the right moment can make a huge difference.

Aside from the instruction provided by their teachers, learners require certain items. As a result, teachers must always be prepared to encourage, support, and assist their students.

4. Establishing Objectives and Monitoring Progress

The only one who knows the skills and hard work of their students is the teacher. They are the ones who witness the progress of their students and how far they still have to go. Teachers employ a variety of techniques to help pupils gain confidence, including self-evaluation, establishing short-term objectives, stressing progress, and continuously monitoring the students.

5. An Adoptive Parent

As children spend time with the teacher, the teacher takes on the role of an external parent. This is true especially for boarding schools such as Father LeBlond because students spend much more time with teachers than at home. Teachers essentially become a second family to a lot of students.

Therefore, we salute the efforts put in by teachers here and everywhere in the world who are shaping the future of millions of children to become better human beings. 

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