Tips to Prepare Your Child for the First Day at School

Tips to Prepare Your Child for the First Day at School


Going to school for the first day is one of the exciting times for both the parent and the child. But as a parent, you might be a little anxious or nervous about how to prepare your child for it. Most of them settle quickly, however, few take time. So, here are some of the tips on how can you prepare your child for it.

Visit the School

Tips to Prepare Your Child for First Day at School

Visit the School:

In many cities, schools and kindergartens allow the parents as well as the child to visit the school beforehand. In this way, both of them will get familiar with the locations. However, you should look for places like the classroom, washroom and cafeteria. This will be better as you can discuss with your child about these places before the start of the school to make them familiar with the environment.

Meeting the Teacher:

Meeting the Teacher

It is important that both the parent and the child need to meet the teacher in advance. This will help them to know him/her and get comfortable. Also, the child will be relieved a bit to see a known face on the very first day of the school.

Obtain the Handbook:

You must get a school prospectus to know what the school needs in advance. Moreover, if you have any questions then you can ask them from before like the fees, or the rules of the school. After reading, you can try them out with your child to keep them updated about the attendance and what to do at school.

Shop Together to Buy School Items:

Shop Together to Buy School Items

The biggest part is getting the school items together with your child. This will allow the child to select their items which in turn will help them to be responsible or independent in making their own decisions. Also, it seems fun and exciting for a child to get new things.

Get a Class Routine for the Child:

To get your child to prepare for the first day at school you need to obtain the class schedule in advance. Try linking the school activities with the everyday activities the child does at home. This will help the child in a way to find a connection between the activity done at home and which will be done at school.

Teach Your Child to Be Organized:

From the start of the school, the parent, as well as the child, must get organized. Try to do things together like packing a bag, keeping the uniform ready, packing lunches together or eating food. This will make them organized and will they will learn to do things on their own.

Tell Stories About School:

Tell Stories About School

You can reassure your child by spending more time together before the start of school. Talk about school, about how much you love learning and the friendships which gave you good memories. Boost the child’s confidence by telling positive things which in turn will make them school-ready.

Support But Also Let Go:

On the first day, support your child but also let go. If you have done a good job by explaining the positives and have prepared your child well, then they will be more excited to visit school rather than getting nervous. Be on time to pick them up but let them have a good day on the first day of school.

Now as you know the tips, we hope your child will spend a good time on the first day at school. Happy first-day schooling to all the little ones!

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