What Considerations Should You Make Before Sending Your Child To Boarding School?

What Considerations Should You Make Before Sending Your Child To Boarding School?


Many families give serious consideration to their options before deciding to enroll their child in a boarding school. It's difficult to avoid feeling overawed by the number of criteria that are taken into account when determining its relevance.


At Father LeBlond School, we account for all the concerns parents may have for their children’s safety. Here are some reasons why you should send your kids to our care.


Exemplary academics


The school's academic curriculum should be given priority when making decisions. Is it challenging enough? Does it meet your expectations and appeal to your children's best interests? Find a boarding school with a good record of helping students succeed academically, and if your kid has learning disabilities or other special needs, research schools that offer services like counseling.


Father LeBlond School is among the most reputed boarding schools in Siliguri. We account for and make way for inclusivity for all our students.




Make sure that the total cost of schooling fits comfortably within your range by factoring in not just the living costs and tuition expenditures but also the cost of textbooks, transport, and necessities like clothing and groceries.




When deciding on a boarding school, proximity to home is an important consideration. The campus you choose should allow your child to enjoy recreational sports on the weekends. If this is not an option, think about enrolling your child in one of the numerous schools that offer an after-school program for children who want to engage in extracurricular sports or social pursuits outside of campus.


At Father LeBlond School, our campus boasts of an impressive sports area where all extracurricular activities are encouraged.


Experienced faculty


Your kid will be spending a lot of time with the school's teachers and staff, so it's important that he likes them. Ask about the staff's stability by inquiring about individual teachers' turnover rate and average tenure. Ask about teacher preparation as well because some institutions support individuals who want to become educators.


Tradition and Value


Search for a residential school where pupils hold their teachers, dorm roommates, and employees in high regard if you're hoping to get your child into a place where they can get a decent education and contribute to their community. Individuals with an interest in athletics need to find out if the chosen school has any athletics groups or if they may participate in interscholastic tournaments or events.


We instill good values and moral ethics in every student so that they grow up to be responsible citizens.




You worry about your kid's safety whenever he or she is on campus, whether it's for school or extracurricular activities. Because of their remote locations, boarding schools are often far from urban centers and any healthcare facilities that would be needed in the case of a crisis. Ascertain that there are enough safeguards in place at the institution, such as Surveillance cameras and guards, to deter burglars.


Rest assured, our campus is well-guarded against all threats, so your child will feel at home.

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