The School encourages students to take intelligent interest in co-curricular activities organized in the School to identify their talents and skills. The students are expected to participate in the routine games and physical training programme, unless they are exempted on medical reasons. The major games are Cricket, Football, Badminton, Table-tennis, Basketball and Volleyball. There are short seasons for Athletics, Marathon and Swimming. The School also provides Adventure Sports like Mountaineering or Trekking, etc. For attending additional coaching in Cricket, Football, Badminton, Swimming or Special Training in Music, Dance or Instrumental Music extra Fee is payable to the School.

The school offers a variety of hobbies and it encourages every child to spend his/her leisure time in pursuing a hobby. The school also encourages children to take an intelligent interest in co-curricular activities in the school such as art and craft, debating, dramatics, elocution and music.

For hobbies, items required may be supplied by the School on payment through a separate bill or they may bring the items on their own as per specification.