ICSE School in Siliguri

Father LeBlond ICSE School in Siliguri

We are the most innovative, best ICSE School in Siliguri and have been adding much value into the educational level of this region. Our competition is not with any ICS School in Siliguri but with ourselves. Though we are backed by the Legacy of the Leblond, which has been providing excellent educational breakthrough throughout the world, we have let our results make the reputation that we now enjoy. Our school allows focus on academic and personal excellence wherein each student is treated as an individual and has the opportunity to strive and attain his or her best.

At Father Leblond we believe that excellence is not just a single achievement but must be measured through the collective growth of each existing member of this wonderful institution. This is why we stress on collective approach towards any given goal. Our diverse, experienced and qualified teachers are passionate about empowering students towards their complete potential. These strategies are a must and are the route that distinguishes us from being just another ICSE School in Siliguri to being a reputed and best ICSE School in Siliguri. It is a journey until here and an uphill battle; we are ready for. We thrive for nothing less than excellence.

Our modern school is backed by many modern facilities which are now a must under this new age educational standards. We have latest labs, sports equipments and experts to guide the students with every activity held within this institution. It is this all round development programs which makes us the Best ICSE School in Siliguri. Your trust upon our school shall never be compromised and we shall always be the revolutionary and innovative ICS School in Siliguri. Come indulge in nothing but academic and all round development and excellence. Your future and career are at safe hands here.


Best Infrastructure

An infrastructure that matches our reputation

Quality Education

Quality Education

The prime focus of our innovative institution

Modern Facilities

Modern Facilities

To enhance every single aspect of their growth

Affordable Education

Affordable Education

Education services that is meant for all

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